VooPoo-The Best E-Juices

After the acquisition of U.S. based giant Vaporizer Magic in late 2021, VOOPOO quickly began expanding into the Vaporizing industry and quickly began developing new chipsets and technology that made an already booming market across the world even more lucrative. Giant Vapes very much looks forward to working with VOOPOO to help push the Vaporizing industry forward and make new, improved products to compliment the growing Vaporizer marketplace. VOOPOO continues to operate independently from its parent company, and is not under any type of contract with them. The vision of giant vaporizers is to continue to innovate and develop products to improve vaporizer experience.

In late May of this year, giant vaporizer maker had released the VOOPOO Gene Chip. It is design to allow for customization of your vaporizer experience by changing the power and temperature settings, and ultimately increasing or decreasing the amount of vapor produced. This was the first product of their new e-cigarette industry division, and they have been steadily releasing products since then. Many vaporizer enthusiasts were extremely excited at the launch of VOOPOO, because they knew that this would help to further customize the vaporizer experience that users love so much. They also knew that this would allow for consumers that were unsatisfied with their current vaporizer to easily replace their unit. VOOPOO promises to be a major force in the e-arette industry, because of these two very important concepts: customization and convenience.


There is no doubt that VOOPOO holds the technology and the leadership in the e-cigarette industry. It has a chip that allows you to make your own settings, and a box mod that allows for you to change your voltage and heat settings on your own. You can also use a VOOPOO as a vaporizer, because it has an electronic mouthpiece that allows you to use it while you’re smoking. The VOOPOO Gene Chip allows you to do all of these things and more.

The biggest thing that makes VOOPOO stand out from the rest is that it is the first vaporizer to offer customized settings. Many vaporizers are pre-programmed to produce specific results based on user set up. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but many find that it is extremely difficult to custom design a device to meet their needs. By allowing you to control your settings through the use of a software program, people are able to get the exact experience that they want without having to take apart their vaporizer. This is what makes VOOPOO stand out in the e-cigarette industry. Many are looking forward to the ability to customize their experience when it comes to the equipment that they use.

Another great thing about VOOPOO is that they have created a community site that is dedicated specifically to VOOPOO. It is filled with tips and tricks about the product as well as the entire e-smoker world. Users can discuss all kinds of issues, including how to upgrade their units and where to buy them. The community at VOOPOO is one that is very unique and different than any other online community. It is an amazing concept that they have taken the time to build, and it shows just how much thought has gone into the e-juicing industry.

All in all, VOOPOO might just be the best vaporizer that you can buy. The price is very competitive, especially when compared to all of the other vaporizers that are available on the market today. The unique custom adjustment options allow users to customize their devices just like they would custom-fit clothing. You have to admit, when it comes down to it, this is the best deal out there for anyone who wants to be able to revamp their everyday device. The e-juices that are produced with VOOPOO are some of the best e-juices out there, period!